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What we do

Every third Friday of the month we organize a free worship evening for young and old. We engage people in worship and encourage them to worship God with complete dedication. People are healed, saved, transformed and touched by the Holy Spirit during these evenings. We sing songs of ourselves, Bethel Music, Jesus Culture, House Fires, Hillsong and more, but most of all take the time to wait for what God wants to do and say.
In the agenda you will find more information about these evenings.

Events and conferences

Loft Worship is happy to be invited to events, conferences and worship evenings. We form a complete band including sound engineer, light man, projector operator and the accompanying stuff. We play our own songs but also songs from Bethel Music, Jesus Culture, Hillsong, House Fires and more. We prefer to have a minimum of 45 minutes in a row so that people can be taken in worship.

Are you looking for a band that will lead the worship with passion, led by the Holy Spirit, in freedom and with powerful songs and intimate songs? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to come to you.

Workshops and teachings

Loft Worship provides workshops and teachings on the importance of worship, leading worship, band coaching, the power of worship and more. Does your worship team have the desire to grow? Do you want more depth during times of worship, do you long for more guidance from the Holy Ghost or better cooperation as a band?
Invite us to give one-off or multiple workshops or teachings.

Purpose of Loft Worship

The goal of Loft Worship is to create an intimate place where people can worship God with all their hearts. Working with the Holy Spirit, we lead people through songs, prophetic and spontaneous moments in deep adoration. We prepare the table, then step back and allow God to blow everyone over with His love and goodness.


On September 2014 Loft Worship started with a monthly worship evening in Nijkerk. The team is made up of a group of dedicated people who are committed to serving God through worship. Since that time, the team has invested a lot in each other and in the band, making it ever closer and growing musically and spiritually.

The number of people attending the worship evening increased, and so did the miracles and power of the Holy Spirit. A place was created where God is honored and people are touched by the power of the Holy Spirit, the love of the Father and the grace of Jesus.

In the years that followed, Loft Worship led, in addition to the monthly worship evenings, also the worship at conferences and events such as Bonfire in Dordrecht, Sound of hope, Impact Festival, the Friendshipboat in Dordrecht, the teen services of Mission Possible and Power & Love conference. We partner with Open Skies Festival, several worship leaders and we love to connect.

Album and worshipU on Campus

In 2016 the album “Reveal Your Kingdom” was released.

In July 2016 and July 2019, part of the team went to Bethel Church in Redding, California. There they attended the two-week worship school WorshipU on Campus. During this worship school, daily education was given and it was experienced what the Holy Spirit can and wants to do during moments of worship. An incredibly educational and inspiring period!

In 2018 the EP “He Is Near” was released. Even after this album, Loft Worship continues to write and release new songs.

Worship Marathon

In January 2019 we started with the first Worship Marathon in Nijkerk, together with many different worship leaders we created a day full of worship, connection and God did many special things. We have now had 3 editions and will have the next one on October 16, 2021. See the website for more. Here too many worship bands and worship leaders participate. And we are very much looking forward to what God is going to do on this day.

Desire of Loft Worship

In the coming years, Loft Worship will continue to invest in the monthly worship evenings. These evenings serve as a place where people can come for free to worship and meet God.

Loft Worship longs for deeper and deeper worship at conferences, events and services. We believe that when churches come to better understand the important role of worship, the Netherlands and Europe will awaken. That churches will rise to let a nation taste the love of Jesus and that His power will become more and more visible.

Loft Worship writes new songs because we believe that every “season” and country needs its own song. We believe and pray that these songs will reach the Netherlands, Europe and the whole world and that people will sing along with faith and dedication.

The team is happy to lead the worship or give teachings at events, conferences or worship evenings.


Loft Worship likes to write its own songs that translate the heart and passion of the season in which we now live. Our first album “Reveal Your Kingdom” has 10 beautiful songs and was released in 2016. Our second album “He Is Near” contains 2 self-written songs and 2 translated songs. Click here for the lyrics and chords of these songs.


The initiators of Loft Worship are Matthijs and Sanne Paas.
After years of experience in playing and singing in worship bands, they got the desire to start Loft Worship in 2014. Together with a cool and dedicated team, they are committed to serving God through worship.

They passionately long for people to come back into intimacy with the Father through worship and for worship to become more than “singing songs”. Loft Worship’s desire is that bands, churches and organizations will increasingly realize the power of worship. So that the Netherlands will be on fire for Jesus and His kingdom will become more and more visible.

Support / ANBI

Do you want to financially support the work of Loft Worship? This can be done by transferring a donation to the account number below or by going to We are grateful for every donation we receive. With the gifts, we can take greater steps in the kingdom of God.

Loft Worship is a foundation and has an ANBI status from the tax authorities. All donations to Loft Worship are therefore tax deductible.

IBAN NL 15 RABO 0191 6846 86
RSIN 856140521
Name of the Loft Worship Foundation
Place Nijkerk
Chamber of Commerce number 65507940

Mailing address

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